Cowboys and babies

Valentine’s day 2017

As we return home to our hotel-room on a stormy Texas evening the artificial light illuminate the hallway more than the cloud obstructed sun does. The mood is light, as light as it can be with the memory of Ken’s funeral still lingering.
Losing a dad is hard, yet there is the anticipation of tonight’s pregnancy test. As usual life throws many balls at the same time and they can have two opposing colors.

I press the elevator button, there is only one. The only way is up. The elevator door shudders open, yearning for some oil, and I step towards the granite covered elevator floor when suddenly a cowboy-boot moves in the opposite direction.

“Pardon me ma’am”, a fully clad cowboy tips his hat, a single rose in his hand.
As he clinks into the hallway we both murmur a pleasant good evening and I stare at his attire as I hold my breath.
His denim clothes totally match his tall boots and hat and I contain my mirth as my eyes linger on his spurs.

Slowly the elevator doors shudder closed and my laughter explodes into the tiny space.
I know we are in Texas, I know this encounter should not surprise me, but still it was so hilarious to see it. People surprise me, almost every day. This guy chose such a different lifestyle. The contrast between me and him could not be bigger.

I know it is not right to laugh, but it just seemed funny, and I would have loved to talk to this man. About his life’s choices. His lack of horse. His love. And that makes the world a little more right.

We arrive at the room and go inside. A smirk still on my face. On to a long evening waiting till the moment Mel is going to do the test.

To kill the time we dig into the salads we bought at the supermarket. A good choice, light enough to offset the heavy meals of the last few days. Filling enough to satisfy us, at least for now.

We’ve been binge-watching Star Trek Voyager in the past few weeks. Finally we reached the last season and we watch a few while time ticks away. Time-zones can me messy and where Mel would have taken the test in the morning at home, here she wants to wait till about the same time. Which is close to midnight.

Finally…she disappears into the bathroom.

The last two times were a miss, so we stay realistic. The signs are good and Mel shows me the stick as she emerges from the bathroom. Nothing on the little window yet.
The baseline is clear, but I imagine that is just a line that shows the medium inside is actually wet. But then slowly a line, very faint…is that it?
We wait a little longer.

Yes, there is a line, very faint, in the pregnancy window.

We’re pregnant!

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