You ate all the icing!


Today we’re going to see you. Maybe not for the first time. At least live.
Our ultrasound appointment is at 11 and of course we want to be on time. The alarm is set for 8:45, early for a day on which I have the morning off, yet late since we waited for this day to come.

It was 8:30 when woke. Your mom was still asleep, making soft noises that made me suspect that she was having a bad dream. I decided to softly wake her by stroking her hair.

I startled her, and she indeed had been dreaming. In fact, she was dreaming about us. And I had eaten all the icing! Well, at least in her dream I had. We had cinnamon rolls and how could they be eaten without icing?

I need to find more dream icing!


Surprises by real estate

So, besides working on our new bathroom we keep up the search for what we need for the coming baby. We have lots of time, but we do need to prepare. Besides the baby’s room need to be worked on too and for that we need to find out what furniture we are going to put there.

Baby furniture can be immensely expensive, so we are happy with all the help we were offered. My parents gave me my old crib. A piece of furniture that both my sister and my brother have used for their children.

We did decide that the crib is not practical. The beautiful fabric on it is fixed and hard to clean and we eventually need a bed.
So my parents also gave me my old bed. Build by my dad. I just need to fix it up.

Yet we found out something while working on the new bathroom…

The electricity is obviously more than 60 years old, and not… The wires have a kind of canvas wrapping and they are pulled through metal pipes. At certain points this is intermixed with newer PVC pipes and electricity wires that resemble the more modern wiring you can buy in the DIY store.

What I had found exposed at outlets were the PVC pipes and modern wiring. So I was unpleasantly surprised when we opened the ceiling in the room that we were going to turn into a bathroom.

We’re going to have to open up the ceiling of the blue room, which is going to be the baby room. And the purple and orange room, that are going to be the other bedrooms upstairs.

More work…I wonder if we are ever going to finish this before our baby is born.