What’s a diary

What’s a diary when you don’t write it daily?
(A question I ask myself.)
My personal answer…well, maybe not daily, but at least regularly.

Do I want to write in my diary?
Yes, yes I do.

Why don’t you write in your diary?

What reasons?
Erm…busy busy, you know things…

What keeps you busy? Which things do you mention here specifically?
Well, work things

Ok, I’m trying to help here. Could you be more specific about work things?
Well, actually my assignments, the work I do for my clients every day, and the conferences I organize, and the trainings I follow to get better in my work…

Right, so you have a busy day, every day, every hour, every minute?
Maybe not every minute, maybe not every hour of every day. Yet there is also my family, I want to be there for my wife and my daughter.

Then what would help you to actually write in your diary, is it important enough for you to find time in your busy busy life?
I guess I need to find commitment to do it, and intrinsic value to writing in a diary.

Good, let’s look at the value of a diary. What would it bring you?
I think a diary would bring me a number of things
– It’s an outlet for frustrations, ideas, a way to let go
– Since it is a public diary it might invoke response from people that could give me inspiration
– It might be something I can show to my daughter once she gets to an age that she can appreciate it

Alright, so there IS value, is it enough to give you a reason to commit to it?
Commitment is a strong word that I do not take for granted. But there is a will. I think at this moment I do feel that it is something I could try to do on a more regular basis.

We’ll see…

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