A trying time

I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted anything here. I would say I’m sorry, but well. I just have not been able to find time for much lately.

Life’s fine, and things move along and everything is swell…no, yes, well, honestly, I feel swamped at the moment. 
I have a lot of social network activity going on, most I keep pretty private. And there are some internet communities that I am part of. Then there’s the dogsports that I am pretty active in.
At the start of the new year things like these are always extra busy.
Work is also extremely pressured as the assignment I have, in a government project is drawing to a close. Which means there’s lots of things to do to tie up loose ends.
The company I work for has finally caught up with the other companies that have trouble with the economic low that has been plaguing the world and is preparing for a reorganization for the first time which will affect our professionals. 

What has me worried is how I will be able to pull everything together.
First priority is always work, of course. On that plane I run into several pressures. The wrapping up of my project.
During the project some problems have been building up, things that were not handled in the contract and as such end up pressing on the team. 
I have been pushing my team hard to deal with it. At the same time I have been trying to keep them from feeling the pressure that has been put on the project itself, which is way larger than I put on them. I am convinced I will end up a diamond with the pressure I feel there.
My specialty is of course Agile. Not something that my company is very experienced in, though I am. There’s a lot of request on this knowledge lately, yet people make up their own agile without consulting me, or my closest Agile colleagues, on anything. This leads to shaky contracts and decisions.
A wonderful thing is the technical meeting for which I have been asked to do an intro. Yet I need to find the time to fix up a good intro content for, I will only have half an hour for it.
A large pressure has also been put on me and my colleagues in the works council because of the reorganizations that will take place. We have increased the amount of meetings and will be working hard to protect our colleagues from affecting them too much, but also to limit the damage if they are affected.
Teaching is extremely busy lately. I have found new teachers to take the load off, but since demand has increased, I still have more than the usual amount of classes to teach. And these usually take place after working hours, on top of the time I spend on the project and works council.

Homefront is always my second priority. 
In this I find myself in a knot sometimes. I now live mostly alone in the farmhouse and take care of the house and the animals. I must admit that some things just seem impossible to get into my schedule. The dogs are taken care of. Which is the most important thing, as they rely on me as their owner. They are not given the attention I want to give them, but they seem to protest little. They are sweet creatures, though once in a while they tell me they are bored alone, and when I come home I find that the garbage has been torn to bits, or my blankets have been dragged towards the dog door.
The rabbit doesn’t get out enough I think, though I also think that the winter is not helping with that either. I would love to put the little man on the lawn to let him munch on the fresh grass. Alas, spring is still off a little, time will help there.

The dogsports, for which I am a coordinator of the sport Flyball, are starting a new season. We always start this off with an indoor tournament. This means quite a lot of arrangements. I have to get volunteers to help and find the right venue. The location we have been using for years in this has told me they have a family function at the date we have set, and the location we thought of secondly has told us it is not free to book either. I need to get this arranged post haste. Another thing is the meeting I have with the officials. This has not yet been arranged and need also to get done.
We had a misfortune last year, our timing system broke down and I had to find another option. So I build most of it myself. It is fine, it worked nicely in the last tournament we had, so I have been working on getting it fixed up and refactored before the new season. The old system still needs to get fixed and back from the US but my mind is set on the new system. Every little minute I get I start up my programming tools to get it fixed up.

Then the social networks…they are kept to a bare minimum, including the group of friends I have. which is hard on my and them.
On the two internet gaming communities some people have already dropped me. They tell me I have neglected them and as such lost their interest. This is tough as I have been interacting with them for at least 3 or 4 years. 
I love them very much and don’t know how I can make it up to them, nor how I will live without their interaction. It may be a lost cause. Though I hope to get back into their graces.

It all boils down to energy I guess. The start of a new year always coincides with a low energy level, due to many activities starting up and closing off and the weather. Winter is a time when people used to lay low, now it has changed to a hectic period in the year.

I know I will get through this. I always do, this year seems determined to bring me down though, and the social drama’s don’t help me much.

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