Agile Trains

This week I started at the Dutch Railways on a new assignment. A very interesting one as I never figured the organization would be Agile. As it is the department that develops the website has been using Scrum for a while and they just needed someone with more experience to help them out.

I see a lot of challenges, but I see even more chances to improve this organization. What I thankfully also see is a lot of willingness to improve within. Everyone I speak to seems to want to change the way of working so that things improve.

Who am I to not oblige. I really want to help them become more Agile and I will do my best to get them to speed up.

There is a lot to do though, the bottom layers are still very traditional and the upper layers want Agile but need to be made aware what it means to allow Agile as well.

Let’s do this

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