Australia time

My work is done, well, at least for the coming two weeks.
The time has been rolling on and on, no mercy for those who toil. And now the time has come for me to leave things be, trust my team to keep going and to let go.
It’s Australia time now. Time to pack my bags and check my lists. Prepare myself for a long long trip to a place far far away. Well, you can’t go much further. 
My first stop (barring my transfer location in China) is going to be Sydney, which is 10 hours difference with my home location. I guess New Zealand is further away for me, and maybe some obscure island off the coast of NZ is the exact opposite on our globe, but well, Sydney will have to do.
The trip will take about 30 hours, this is not in one go of course (as I said I have a transfer) but it is the time I will be traveling at least. I leave on Sunday, around 10PM CET.
I have been told that the airline (China Southern Airlines) is a good one. Main reason for coming to that conclusion myself is the fact that they managed to become a Skyteam member. To be confirmed in my conclusion was good. Apparently they have good service, something I am going to need on a long trip.
My arrival will be on Tuesday, in the morning. I have been granted access, well the visa says so (I know, it’s no guarantee 😛 ). And I will have a car waiting at Hertz. I hope my mind will still work for me to get to my hotel.
Last years trip to India has merited me with enough points to have a free stay at another Marriott hotel, so I hope the extra costs will not be pushed to the max 😀

Next Friday will be the Viking funeral of my friend Diana, so I will have time to recover from my jet lag. I will do this by sightseeing, maybe some hiking in the Blue Mountains.  Maybe find someone to fix me up in the meantime.
I need to remind myself to bring enough tissues.

The project?
Well, I leave the project in the capable hands of my teammates (mate is a good word when you leave for Down Under). I know they feel they are adrift without me, but frankly, I disagree fully. Yes they won’t have my view on how things work between the triangle we’re part of, and they won’t have the same leeway that I give the team when I am there, but what I don’t bring to the project in the next sprint, they make up in other expertise.

I will try to forget them only a little, but I left a communication channel open, it’s called Skype. 

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