It took a while finding the dentist today. I was told it was in the mall, but after looking through the mall on both sides of the road I finally found it along the road, a single door with stairs leading up. Granted, it was no grand teeth servicing station, it was however quaint and cosy. The assistant was extremely friendly and they had a small tv which played reruns of Mr. Bean.
After filling out the forms, with questions I forgot to answer as they were buried on the one page form which should have fit on two, a patient came out of the treatment room. I had heard the drill, so it was obvious what he was there for. He also was friendly which to me was a good sign.
There were all kinds of diploma’s and certificates on the wall, and photo’s of the type “before and after” showing bad teeth transformed into wonderful smiles. At least I had come to the right place if I had to go by those photos.
After a short while I was ushered into the presence of the dentist. The treatment room was rather small, it fitted a full sized chair though. It was 17:30 or about that time, not much later. The dentist, a Indian woman of middle age was also very friendly, asking me many questions about where I came from and what I was doing, where I was living. The assistant I had spoken to on the phone apparently was from Sweden and had told her that I was from Belgium. They had been trying to reach me, as a patient had called off an appointment and they had time for me an hour or so earlier. 
The phone number she had written down showed the wrong country code, I had told her to dial +31, she had written down +41, so I don’t know which poor European they had called in the middle of the night.
I was put in the chair and the dentist, who apparently went by the name of Marion, started inspecting my teeth. She did a full inspection, complementing me on my teeth, yet berating me the bad care I gave them.
Calling out all kinds of secret dentist codes to the assistant she inspected every tooth I have and a few I haven’t. After quite a while she finally started on my chipped tooth. During this process I remembered my home dentist had also worked in that area a while back. The chip was most likely a filling that had been dislodged.
She worked on it hard, adding layer upon layer to restore the tooth to what it has been. Also making sure the color was correct. Sometimes she hit my gums while polishing and apologized profusely.  One of the most difficult thing seemed to be making the separation between my two front teeth as smooth as possible. She seemed to be using a file at one point to make sure I could floss alright.
When it was finally done it was 18:30, the whole treatment had lasted an hour.
My own dentist never had more than half an hour for me, and that was during an extraction…
The result is wonderful, as was the steep price, but that I had expected.

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