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Social Media is everything these days. We have Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, LinkedIn and new media are forming almost every day. The thought “Wouldn’t it be awesome to start a new social media and making trillions of money” must drive many entrepeneurs every day when I see how “trending” things are.

Whatsapp has been very active and popular in the Netherlands and I have withstood it’s allure for years already. My brother wonders why, when everyone is connected isn’t it a good medium to reach each other? I guess it must seem like I am withstanding the tsunami. Like the people who tried to withstand the introduction of the phone. If you’re not going along with the bandwagon, you’ll be left behind!

But will I? What have I gotten from not participating in all the new social media? Why am I so adamant in defying the pull of the masses?

I do have more piece of mind. I have a good number of groups that I am part of, either work related or privately. Social media enforce groups, look at them. Facebook has groups, Whatsapp allows you to make groups and send messages “en masse”, the same goes for LinkedIn and I think most social media are basically made to reach large groups of people. Either willingly or unwillingly. Most of the media depend on the money of commercials. If they didn’t have that, they would definately not be free.

Is piece of mind worth it to be out of the loop? OH YES…

Is that why I am so adamant in defying the pull of social media? Yes and No. I have always been someone who wants an Op Out. Motivation can only be gotten when there is a drive. I have a great drive for doing things that interest me, things that have value to me.
I have an interest in many things, wonderful things. I am a thought leader at the company I work for and as such am very active in the field I specialize in.
The amount of mails, phonecalls, messages I get every day is massive and I make a point of it to want to help as many people I can. And that means that my agenda rules my life.
I train many people in the evenings and I drive across the country to do things that go above the call of work.

Doing all I do would most likely be more than 24 hours a day if I would add all social media that are out there. So I choose my media carefully. The same as I choose the people in my LinkedIn and the groups on the media I use carefully. Added to the stream of messages that I get every day are also the message we can call spam. Dealing with unsolicited messages is something I find tedious. And every media I use adds its own unwanted messages.

Social media are wonderful, but I’m old enough to remember the time that we did not all have a phone in our pocket. I do remember reading a book until I heard morning birds outside.
I have a happy married life and a good social life besides that. I want to keep it that way.

Remember, I am more than willing to answer your call. And I AM active on the social media I choose. But I will not jump on every social bandwagon that comes along.

Find me on mail, phone, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and sometimes on Twitter…maybe I’ll add one or two more, when I opt in…

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