On this page I share the links and content I provide during the trainings and knowledge session I give.

The links here are not always my own content, they might be links to videos I show during sessions and some of my content contains intellectual property of others. So please do not share any of the content I share here without contacting the actual owner of the content, be it me or the person(s) I refer to (slides I use of other trainers and coaches will have a reference to the actual owner of the slide)


Henrik Kniberg:
Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

Jeff Sutherland
Scrum: What does it mean to be Ready-Ready

Nordstrom innovation lab
Sunglass iPad App Case Study

Terry Tate Office Linebacker


Hirotaka Takeuchi & Ikujiro Nonaka
The New New Product Development Game

Dr. Winston W. Royce
Managing the development of large software systems


Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa & Murray Silverstein
with Max Jacobson,  Ingrid Fiksdahl-King & Shlomo Angel
A Pattern Language

Henrik Kniberg (InfoQ)
Kanban and Scrum (Making the Most of Both)

Trainings and knowledge sessions

Training date: July 11 & 12th
Training: Scrum Master training (2day)
Download:  Handout_Scrum_Master_DSW
Additional weblink:  Nebraska – Salt of the Earth

Retrospective weblinks:

Agile Coach Camp

Session date: April 6th
Session name: Scrum Pattern Discussion
Download: Scrum Pattern Overviews
Original Author: James O. Coplien

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